Here’s a Novel Idea: Cooking Shows About Cooking

julie childRemember when the TV Food Network was nothing more than instructional cooking shows – cool kitchens/sets with cool personalities doing what you’d expect on a cooking channel…cooking!  Between the cooking game shows, the cooking reality shows, the cooking documentaries, the throw-downs, and all this “Unwrapped” crap, who learns anything about cooking anymore?  Drives me freakin’ crazy.  Maybe there should be a TV Food Network II, like ESPN II, that was devoted only to the traditional cooking show.


If I had it my way, Donut Shops would Deliver

donutsAt least on Saturday and Sunday mornings…how awesome would that wake-up call be?  You could preschedule it like at the hotels and they’ll arrive at your door with fresh donuts, hot coffee, and maybe they’d even pick up the paper on the way up.  This, I think, is a damn good idea.
I think Dunkin Donuts was trying it through Snap Foods for while, but that venture failed.  With a little “in your face marketing” there is no way this wouldn’t work…I just hate getting decent enough to head down to the local donut shop.

If I Were In Charge of the World by Judith Viorst

If I Were In Charge of the World by Judith Viorst

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