Taze Me

What if everyone were allowed to taze one person a day for no apparant reason?


So what would you do?

Who’s really in charge around here?  Most people think they are, many think they should be, most of us probably shouldn’t be.  One thing is for sure – we all have ideas and most of us like to think about what we’d do if we were in charge.  There are a number of sites/blogs out there – some really good ones too (see our links & RSS Feeds) – that are dedicated to serious ideas.  Snasparilla is devoted to the more fleeting ideas – the ones that are almost cathartic, the ones that make us feel better just for having them.  They often start with “if I were in charge” or “if I ruled the world” or “if I were king/queen for the day” and usually end with a rant.  Many are pithy, many are creative, many invoke a laugh, and some of them might actually work…or make sense.   So Snasparilla is designed to capture, consolidate, exchange, and share those things which would result from our being in charge…even if those things are impractical (or illegal).  It’s just fun to say it out loud…now if only someone would listen!