Here’s a Novel Idea: Cooking Shows About Cooking

julie childRemember when the TV Food Network was nothing more than instructional cooking shows – cool kitchens/sets with cool personalities doing what you’d expect on a cooking channel…cooking!  Between the cooking game shows, the cooking reality shows, the cooking documentaries, the throw-downs, and all this “Unwrapped” crap, who learns anything about cooking anymore?  Drives me freakin’ crazy.  Maybe there should be a TV Food Network II, like ESPN II, that was devoted only to the traditional cooking show.


Sports are Antiquated

new sportsWe need a new sport.  Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey were all invented hundreds of years ago (slight exaggeration in some cases).  Doesn’t matter, though.  With all the advancement in our socio/economic environment, you’d think we’d evolve in the realm of sports.  Sure, how we watch, play, and enjoy sports has evolved…but the sports themselves are all the same.  We need to get a group of 8 – 12 year old kids (who are really good at making up games with whatever is lying around the house) to sit down with a bunch of slightly inebriated college students – some of them “performance art majors” – and several corporate executives to figure this out.  Forget the Super Bowl , I can’t wait until The National Viking Ball Championship