Here’s a Novel Idea: Cooking Shows About Cooking

julie childRemember when the TV Food Network was nothing more than instructional cooking shows – cool kitchens/sets with cool personalities doing what you’d expect on a cooking channel…cooking!  Between the cooking game shows, the cooking reality shows, the cooking documentaries, the throw-downs, and all this “Unwrapped” crap, who learns anything about cooking anymore?  Drives me freakin’ crazy.  Maybe there should be a TV Food Network II, like ESPN II, that was devoted only to the traditional cooking show.


Smokers have all the luck…

smoking area@seth3981 suggests through his Tweet that “if it were up to [him] smokers would be herded into communes in the woods. [We] could then live our own lives w/o their intrusion.”

Don’t you kind of feel like they already are.  I mean, I’m not really a smoker – OK after like 15 beers – but sometimes I feel so sorry for those guys huddled around the ash try in the corner of the parking lot.  They look so damn depressed – like they really hate the fact that they have to hang out by themselves…or maybe they just wish they didn’t have that nagging nicotene fit every half hour.  One thing is for sure, though; if it were up to me, smoking breaks would be unpaid…man, those 15 minutes really add up.  I feel like every time I go by the smoking area, the same people are out there.  Are they out there all day long?